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Bombay Chemical and Rubber Products (BCRP) is a Japanese chemicals importing company located in Mumbai (Bombay) and is a partner of JTC. The company operates a sales network throughout India.

Since the establishment of BCRP, JTC has endeavored to expand the export of Japanese chemicals to India.

After repeated human interactions, a relationship of mutual trust has been established, not to mention the expansion of the business conducted between both companies.

Currently, BCRP and JTC are being managed by the third generation of the founding families. These new leaders seek to take their companies in a new direction with respect to the Indian market as the country enters a new phase of economic development.

The company was established in Mumbai, India, by the late Shri S. G. Jhunjhunwalla, the honored father of the current CEO, Kailashchandra S. Jhunjhunwalla.
Thanks to trading firms in Osaka and an overseas trainee invitation program administered by the Foreign Ministry, the grandson of the founder, Vishal K. Jhunjhunwalla, was able to visit Osaka. After completing a two-month course of Japanese language, he undertook a trading company internship with JTC.
During his eight-month stay, he has acquired conversational Japanese proficiency and practical trading experience. His training in Japan continues to yield significant benefits in terms of supporting Japanese employees, of major Japanese chemical companies, on their business trips to India
With an eye on the rapid development of the Indian economy, joint venture JMF Synthetics (P) Ltd. was established in Delhi through the efforts of three companies: Mitsufuku Industry Co., Ltd. (a special compound manufacturer based in Tochigi Prefecture), BCRP and JTC.
Exports of Japanese chemicals to India have been increasing since the establishment of BCRP in 1971.
With plans for the development of new businesses from 2005 and with high hopes for the future of India, this local joint venture company was capitalized and established in order to forge links between India and Japan. This company is most certainly fulfilling its role as a bridge connecting these two countries.