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Business Overview

Providing financing to parties in countries liable to risks( Payment Guarantees)

India has drawn the attention of the United States’ investment firms as one of the rapidly developing BRICs countries-comprised of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Among these countries, we have chosen to focus mainly on India besides South East Asia, the Near and the Middle East. Our role entails hedging geographical and political risks and recovering funds by utilizing our past experience and our established network of personal connections. We directly pay the manufacturers for exporting to countries that, despite their forecasted potential for high levels of economic development in the future, pose risks respecting the collection of payments.

We contribute to risk reduction

Professional provider of trade operations(Outsourcing)

We utilize eight decades of experience to efficiently engage in cumbersome export procedures, banking negotiations and other trade operations. By taking advantage of our services in this area, you can reduce various associated costs.

Developing countries differ when it comes to the export-related documentation they require. Also, by efficiently conducting the shipping arrangements the time lag between the delivery and the loading can be shortened.

We contribute to cost-cutting and time-saving

Playing a coordinating role with customers from different cultural and religious backgrounds

According to Muslim Persian merchants, "Money is blood."

According to Hindu Indian merchants, "Business is art."

In either case, the distinctive way of thinking specific to the given ethnicity is clearly expressed. How should the Japanese, who were originally peasants raised in an isolated island, deal with parties of clever merchants whose skills have been shaped through conducting trade along the Silk Road?

We contribute to mutual understanding

JTC boasts of a track record stretching over fifty years in India. We make full use of our precious experience to enhance your future transactions