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In planning for the future and in addressing the different needs of our international and our Japanese customers we make full use of our Know-how which is based on trust and eighty years of experience since our founding in 1935. We will continue to serve as a bridge between Japanese companies and their clients.

Management Concept

創業者(藤村一則)の理念「仁興」を経営の根幹とし、 仕事を通じて人間としての自分を磨く。 「亡己利他」の精神が事業永続の秘訣と心得る。

In 1998, the company’s name has changed from Jinsing Trading (the founding name in 1935) to JTC Corporation.

Building bridges to the developing countries is the source of our pleasure

In the recent years, there has been a great leap in the field of communication technology that it has become possible to obtain information about any part of the globe in seconds, and so we have entered an age in which both the role and the raison d'etre of the trading firms are rigorously called into question.

How can you hedge the risks arising from the constant day-to-day fluctuations in the Japanese yen exchange rate and secure stable profits? Moreover, how can you build strong relationships of trust and establish steady trading relations with overseas partners whose religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds differ? There are no limits to the challenges we face.
We objectively grasp the given circumstances and making the suitable decisions in each case. We promise to flexibly respond to your needs and not to forget to take your profits into account.

We have managed to survive over the last eighty years while responding to the needs of the times despite being tossed about by currents of uncertainty. These past experiences and that track record have resulted in greater confidence and know-how that we are now heading for new horizons.

Whether it is India, which is showing impressive economic development as a BRICs country, or Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia and the other NEXT 11 countries, we are always ready for the challenge.

We take into consideration your position and your profit and we seek to identify partners who will help in the development of those regions. We will consolidate our position as a bridge between parties. We believe that this is our role and our raison d'etre in the future.

It is time for challenge.